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Guest stool – UrbanBear

Guest Stool

Our take on the ILVA design Award 17
The task was to create a furniture design that is both innovative, possible to manufacture and fits into the ILVA brand

The Guest Stool came as an idea of the danish bicycle culture. At the same time people are living in smaller and smaller housing and appartments. Therefore was our goal to design a stool that creates that takes up minimal space, when not in use and still be beautiful.

Other than hang on the wall, does Floating flowerpot also works great    standing on a table, in the kitchen or at the window.

A minimalistic stool with a twist, both in functionality and stylewise

 We chose that the stool should be in birch, because it gives a light and friendly look. At the same it also gives the stool a lightness that works well with the function of it

 Like the inspiration from bicycles have we chosen that the joints between the legs and seat should be in aluminium, because of the lightness, has strength and creates a well proportioned contrast to the organic and tactile look of the wood

Nylon Rope:
 To keep the legs in place is mounted a Nylon rope, which creates a solid construction that at the same time has many functions. Into consideration is also that is also gives a softness to the design. The rope also holds the stool when it is placed on the hangers

The Stool is collapsible and uses the same open – close mechanism as the quick release as on bikes.

Guest Stool is easy to produce with a few simple pieces. It also solves a relevant problem on lack of chairs in the small apartments. This is done without compromising on esthetics with a style that fits the modern scandinavian home.